Wynncraft Territory Resource


GET https://api.wynncraft.com/public_api.php?action=territoryList

Returns a object, which contains many other objects. The key of each internal object is the name of a territory and the body is a territory object representing said territory.

Territory Object

Field Type Description Options/Details
territory String The name of the territory
guild String The name of the guild that currently holds the territory "Nobody" if no guild owns it
acquired Date The date and time the territory was acquired Format: YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss, 24-hour (00-23)
attacker String or null The guild that is currently attacking the territory
location Object The start and end coordinates of the territory's area

Territory Location Object

Field Type Description
startX Number The starting X coordinate of the territory
startY Number The starting Z coordinate of the territory
endX Number The ending X coordinate of the territory
endY Number The ending Z coordinate of the territory


    "territories": {
        "Dead Island North West": {
            "territory": String,
            "guild": String,
            "acquired": Date,
            "attacker": String || null
            "location": {
                "startX": Number, 
                "startY": Number,
                "endX": Number, 
                "endY": Number
        // ...
    "request": {
        "timestamp": Number,
        "version": Number

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